Zoe Chamber Orchestra - Gabriels Oboe

ZOE Chamber Orchestra

in a sense, is an outstanding ensemble of which the members are foremost slovakian young artists. In its short history ZOE accomplished many professional performances of high quality positively evaluated by public and medias as well. The orchestra’ artistic leader is violinist Alan Vizváry. The goal and the vision of the orchestra is to bring the best out of classical music, to produce, make music and to interpret musical works according to the author’s original ideas and give people the experience that they may consider the meaning of their human life. We have received a gift, a pallet of composers from J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, G. Mahler to D. Shostakovich and we have the option to choose any color out of this rich musical pallet. Our responsibility is to share this gift with people in it’s most genuine form. Among the prominent artists who have performed with the orchestra are conductors Alexander Rahbari, Rastislav Štúr, soloist Pavol Bršlík, Adriana Kučerová..

ZOE Chamber Orchestra
E. Morricone : GABRIELS OBOE
solo oboe - Vlastimil Dufka
violoncello - Karolína Hurayová
recording/mixing/mastering : Ivo Rozehnal / Rastislav Dubovský