Our team

3 experts in the field of recording with years of experience and plenty of other successfully realized projects synergistically combined their respective know-how and professional technologies and work together in recording, mixing and mastering music and sound production at the venue of the STUDIO, but also on location at a specific acoustic environment (concert halls/chapels/churches/cinemas et al.).

Rastislav Dubovský
was born in 1976 in Bratislava, Slovakia. He graduated from Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Prof. Jozef Sixta) with the specialization in composition. He also completed the postgraduate study of composition at Universitat fur Musik und darstellende kunst in Vienna (Prof. Michael Jarrell) and took part in various international composition courses. He was awarded a composition prize Reichenau (1999) for the work Pulsation and composition prize SOZA (2000) for the work ‘Woodwind quartet’.

Rastislav is the author of orchestral, chamber, and electroacoustic compositions presented in Slovakia and abroad. Besides concert music he composes music for films, television and radio, theatre, dance and pantomimic performances, musicals, songs and music for children. Over last years he has also worked as a music director and arranger of multimedia projects of various artistic styles. He teaches the electroacoustic and film composition at the Conservatory in Bratislava. Among his most important works belong the orchestral ballet “PROMETHEUS” performed in the Opera DJKT in Pilsner, Czech Republic, and orchestral composition “ACTUS for orchestra”.

Juraj Lehuta
Juraj Lehuta studied drums, composition and music direction. He´s been actively involved in studio work since 2002 and to date he´s collected considerable experiences by working with a number of artists, both in the studios and live. One example worth mentioning is collaborating on the song “Let tmou” performed by Nela Pociskova and Kamil Mikulcik, which also won the Slovakian round of the international song contest Eurovision in 2009. The audiences can get to listen to his own singles, as well, namely – Broken by Katka Ščevlíková, Iba Týždeň by Hrana feat. Beata Dubasová, Podarí by Ska2tonics. In addition he received an award for his accomplishments in the field of classical music (Loud Sonate). His music style is not well-defined though and he is open to providing advice on any given genre.

Juro cooperated with: Nela Pocisková, Kamil Mikulčík, Katka Ščevlíková, Beata Dubasová, Marián Jaslovský, Palo Drapák, Milan Opak Janáči, Boboš Procházka, Juraj Gríglák, Maťo Ďurdina, Jimmi Cimbala, Palo Chodelka and many more.

Ivo Rozehnal
Ivo specialized in the field of music direction and recording of choirs and orchestras in natural settings made for such music subjects (concert halls, churches) in the form of “recordings of live concerts” or “on location recordings”. This specialization is not limited to the genre of classical music though, but covers all the genres that are based on capturing that unique moment when the performers are playing together at the same time and at the same place (folklore groups, jazz bands).
An aesthetic ideal is a recording that can capture an artistic performance in perfect harmony with the musical piece itself and surroundings, so that it sounds natural and freely invites a listener to engage with the story.
Another specialization is consulting in the field of music reproduction and music and spatial acoustics. Ivo can offer his knowledge and professional measuring of studios or local audio interiors and suggest possible changes and corrections.