Milan Dubovský

Music composer, music director, concert pianist and teacher.


Milan Dubovsky (1940) studied composition with Jan Cikker at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is a well-established concert pianist, répétiteur and professor at the Conservatory in Bratislava. For years he worked as a freelancer, later he became an artistic director of AUS. He composed 4 operas (Three Roosters – a comical opera 1984, Iron Torrent 1988), two long-running children´s operas were premiered at the Slovak National Theatre (Great Doctor´s Fairy Tale 1992/2012 and The Mystic Key 2000). He is an author of expansive concert, orchestra, chamber, film, radio and instructional music. Excellent is his work for drama and musical plays at the Slovak theatres (e.g. “Skinflint´s Bride” premiered at New Scene in 2010). A special place has music for animation films (around 140 titles). In 2010 he was awarded with “Great award of SOZA”.